3 Benefits Of Blockchain Enabled Gaming Platforms are Offering In 2018

3 benefits blockchain enabled gaming platforms are offering in 2018

Are you are looking to grow your gaming activities in the year 2018 and beyond?

Are you looking to generate thriving revenues using blockchain enabled gaming platforms?

Most of you will answer in affirmation to get advantage from this growing 100 billion gaming industry. Let me underline that to accomplish success all you need is to commence in a right direction. You also need to make sure that your gaming activities are well organized.

Considering the gaming world from big corporates standpoint that has plenty of resources, monetary funds an army of seasoned workers, then generating revenues from gaming world is a lot easier.

On analyzing the situation from small individual gaming enthusiast’s point of view having limited resources, the road seems narrow. The crux is that short of business privileges and capital small miners seems little disorganized.

Such disorganization and lack of democratization are detrimental to the gaming platforms. Such a scenario of course is gravely affecting the gaming world.

Well! Don’t get disappointed!

There is always a ray of hope. And for gaming industry that ray of hope is blockchain powered cryptocurrency platform. Yes, the same technology that powered the growth of Bitcoin. The same blockchain technology is now making the gaming ecosystem more democratic and accessible. From big corporates to small gamers blockchain enabled gaming platforms are powering all to make the mark in 2018 and beyond.

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Benefits of introducing blockchain in the gaming industry

  1. Enhancing gaming industry’s reach

    Just before the introduction of blockchain platforms gaming industry was operating like a closed market having limited reach. However, blockchain enabled gaming platforms are unlocking new doors by offering opportunities like of crowdfunding or ICO’s. Most significant fact is that is available round the clock it has made playing games,     withdrawals, transactions etc. easier.

  1. Ensures swift transactions

    When the matter is to make the speedy transaction then nothing can surpass blockchain technology. Acting as single common currency it enables gaming enthusiasts to exchange their gaming assets instantaneously without geographic boundary problems. Good thing is that by eliminating third-party interferences it not only assists to reduce costs but also increase profits. Besides this, being decentralized in nature the transactions performed using blockchain are secure as well as transparent.

  1. Restricts frauds

    The gaming world is virtual market making it is quite prone to frauds and security issues. Using traditional methods game developing business ventures or individuals often come across certain project completion, delivery or payment issues. To successfully mitigate such issues blockchain has a special feature of ‘Smart Contracts’. A smart contract is a pre-written programming code or protocol that executes ‘on-its-own’ after successful completion of the task. Therefore acting as enforcement agent it helps to perform business processes even with unfamiliar clients sitting far away. All in all, acting as a critical security check measure smart contracts sets blockchain ahead of traditional gaming platforms.

Bottomline is that pertaining to massive inefficiencies gaming industry has failed to deliver the value it was supposed to.

We need to understand that gaming is a digital industry therefore only a technology or platform that is digital in true essence can cater it in the best possible way.

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