How Blockchain Is Turning The Tables For Travelers?

How blockchain is turning the tables for travelers?

A travel portal lives and functions on globe travelers. Without travelers, no travel agency can operate as income stops. Without income, a travel portal simply dies.

To put in other words, a travel portal need continuous travelers. However, getting new customers is easier than done. After all it takes long process to make mark in the growing travel industry.

So what is the solution to get customer attention and more leads?

Well! No need to go in much depth. The answer lies in blockchain technology. Compared to other technologies blockchain is fairly a new technology. May be for many of you it’s a new concept and hence have never heard of it.

Let’s take a moment to check what exactly Blockchain technology is?

What is Blockchain?

Based on the fundamental of transparency and decentralization it is a more agile and secure platform. Not just tracking the transactions it follows the computer program with unique time stamp feature thereby giving an edge to its reliability. Moreover, as it provides real time information hence it considerably adds value to a business. Not only this, cost effective feature of this platform keeps it ahead of other.

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Why is it great for travelers?

Reliability and Transparency

Back when online booking portals were a new concept, it was just more than enough to log in and submit the requirement. But with the time travel market is inundated with new portals. But many of these are crafty thereby making travel agency selection process bit complex.

However, being decentralized in nature means blockchain technology is not controlled by any single entity. Therefore, rather than on single network a specific information is processed on a open computer network. This simply means all information present on blockchain is verified by public consensus giving it shield of reliability and transparency.


Everyone has easy access to data, but no one owns it. In short, Being an open source public ledger there are absolutely no chances of playing any sort of fraud or forgery of documents. Moreover, the blockchain not only securely stores data but also verifies it. Moreover, as the data is time stamped therefore all the information available is completely immutable.

Cost effective

One of the biggest advantages of using blockchain powered platform is that it enhances the speed of financial transactions. But thats not all, by eliminating the intermediates or third parties it greatly reduces the cost of services. Moreover, record maintenance to keeping all is reduced as no legal or paper formalities are involved. All this makes it a fairly economical travel platform.

No baggage tracking troubles

Baggage loss is biggest problem for travel agencies as it cause substantial amount of profit loss and dents reputation also. Besides this, baggage loss is a nightmare that often trouble many travelers. Blockchain effectively tackles this problem with an exclusive distributed ledger feature. As DLT is decentralized in nature hence it replicates the record on all the systems linked to it.

DLT’s functioning is pretty simple. Let’s understand it in a more simplified way. Earlier usually transactions take place among two entities in closed walls. Transactions through this platform are like publically making an announcement that a particular traveler is carrying so and so baggage. This simply means there is no question of baggage loss.

Blockchain technology is blooming and is posing a potential impact on the travel industry. This is certainly not the end there are many other features that are going to rock the travelers.

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