Find Out How OLX Coin Is Making The Travelling Affordable?

Affordable Travelling with OLX Coin

Travelling is a chance not only to explore the world, but also yourself”

Isn’t this a great cool thought?

But more than this it inspires to go for travel.

It aptly casts spotlight on the fact that how important traveling is for all of us?

But finding a good cheap travel deal sometimes becomes an acid test for many. Even though going through all the ‘fire and water’ many-a-time’s travel enthusiasts are left with Hobson’s choice only.

And when it comes to getting an amazing international budget travel program, it becomes even tougher than before. Involvement of multi nations, visa formalities and many third parties turns it into an altogether a different game. All this apparently enhances costs of travel package deals by many folds.

Anyway rest easy!

As efficiently addressing all such problematic issues and cutting costs, the blockchain is successfully creating ripples in the travel industry.

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Now, let’s unleash how blockchain powered platform of Olex is making traveling affordable?

Application of blockchain in reducing travel costs

Traditional booking systems comprises of third parties therefore to avoid discrepancies and avoid frauds escrow service providers came into existence. In short, escrow service providers came into existence to aid in development of trust factor.

But the problem is that all escrow agencies cut a share from transaction made between a travel agency and consumer. This simply means lesser profits for travel service provider’s and in the meantime consumer too shells more money. To put in other words this dents benefits of both the parties involved.

But here blockchain powered platforms have edge over other conventional booking portals. The most exciting feature that sets blockchain ahead from traditional booking portals is its peer-to-peer (P-2-P) operational nature.

Actually a blockchain enabled platform completely replaces escrow party services with computer codes thereby substantially bringing the costs down.

Most exciting aspect is that by permanently recording a transaction in an open public ledger it enables direct payments. Now, a direct payment simply means less cost to both service providers and consumers. All in all, a win-win situation for both the direct entities involved in the booking process.

Reduces booking costs by thinning possibilities of over bookings and double bookings

Often instances of overbooking and double bookings occurs pertaining to inefficiencies and coordination gaps among various service providers. In fact, many-a-time’s companies calculatedly indulge in such mal-practices to increase their profits and optimize resources.

No doubt such overbookings or double bookings dent the reputation of a booking portal. But most importantly it affects the consumers as they suffer from both money and time loss.

Here’s the real beauty of blockchain!

Blockchain platform completely thrashes any such possibility as booking data is not restricted to single company’s record. Being an open source and distributed network blockchain platform is transparent that provides real time booking details.

Moreover, all sorts of booking data is immutable in nature hence no chance of reverse entries take place making it completely locked system.

Exclusive travel bonanza by OLX Coin is a ready reference that efficiently proves blockchain’s economical traveling model. In this bonanza OLX Coin’s is offering its partners or investors exclusive traveling opportunity to international destinations like Thailand, France, Las Vegas, Sydney and many more.

An investor can grab this opportunity just by doing purchase worth $ 1000 and direct business worth $ 5000. Coming to time frame, the bonanza starts from 20th March, 2018 and will remain open till 20th April, 2018.

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So, crux here is that leaving no stone unturned blockchain technology is bringing true digitization in travel industry.

Thankfully giving affordable travel solutions it is successfully turning all the odds of traditional systems into customer’s favor. Thereby evidently turning travel programs especially to international destinations within the reach of even a common globe trotter.

But that’s not all!

Blockchain implementation in travel industry is still in its nascent stage. There are many advantages that need to be explored to truly make the travel industry more customers friendly.

Stay tuned to learn more about our trip packages and bonanzas!


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