How Blockchain Addressing 4 Overlooked Areas In Game Development?

How Blockchain Addressing 4 Overlooked Areas In Game Development

Back in 2017, Pokemon Company has declared that new version of Pokemon-game sales have reached enviable figure of $300 million.

This indeed is a big achievement considering that all this happened in a matter of just few months. Initially it might seem like an inflated figure or a result of some sort of magic.

But it is certainly not!

The sales figures are pretty perfect! In fact, are ready proof of Pokemon team’s hard work and more notably right strategy.

Good thing is that, I strongly believe that following right strategy anyone can easily get such an enviable sales figure.

So to help you out, in this blog post I have underlined 4 overlooked areas in game development. And also discussed how blockchain is addressing these important but not so common areas.

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  • Create a simple storyline

Acting as a magnet catchy storyline in a game encourages audience to think even when the game is over. This obviously enhances engagement time. And that’s exactly what the purpose of a game is.

But mind it! Too complicated storyline can strike you back. So, it’s like walking on two side edged sword. Therefore, one need to be extra cautious while conceptualizing a storyline. Here lies the real problem good storytellers are not that easy to find.

  • Go for in-game physics to bring X-factor

Though gaming is a virtual world yet infusion of little bit of realism in storyline help audience to connect easily. Now to bring this X-factor called realism one obviously needs pros of science and more importantly of physics.

Creating effects that accurately mimics real life experiences and physical interactions assists to combine classic gameplay and modern design. Blend of virtual world with realism gives a player feeling as they are integral part of a game.

Attribute of authenticity is even more essential as it enhances user experience and overall enjoyment. In short, a physical simulation helps to make a game complete fun package for both adults and kids.

  • Use codes and reward points

The most common aspect that everyone likes is rewards. No matter from where they are coming or whether their nature is tangible or intangible.

Bottom-line is that giving rewards points in form of hidden codes helps to engage players. It plays a crucial role to ignite the urge for earning more rewards and consequently play more.

But that’s not all!

Creating successful buzz reward points actually acts as word-of-mouth advertiser. All in all, by creating rewards the factor of excitement can be easily maintained all through the journey.

  • Transparent pricing structure

No matter a business sells service or product pricing is critical for all. It should be analysed based not only on product or service value, but also on competitor’s prices. For this all a company requires is a right pricing model.

Pricing should be utterly transparent as well as reasonable to give genuine reflection of efforts and resources spent during production. Besides this mention pricing in commonly used real world currencies like dollar, euro etc. on the pricing tags.

It is always better to offer users varied payment options so that they can make payments as per their convenience. Further, in case of any sort of pricing alterations, it is always better to inform users upfront.

Now, let’s reveal another million dollar mystery!

How to efficiently and quickly address all such overlooked areas? 

No need to go in much depth!

This next generation saviour is none other than Blockchain. Yes, creating thriving ripples across the world it’s the same decentralized technology that is powering many crypto currencies.

It’s a unique technology that completely fades out geographical fragmentation. In short, it gives quick access to game designers to explore a larger pool of storytellers spread across the globe. And larger pool simply means more ideas, refined ideas.

Coming to in-game physics, then again giving wide spread approach blockchain technology enhances chances of finding better experts.

Furthermore, exclusive feature of ‘smart contracts’ can be applied to make reward points unlocking process completely automatic.

Lastly, the true essence of blockchain platform is its transparency which is strengthened by its open source and decentralized nature. Moreover, as it is a global platform hence it allows companies to adopt single strategy for pricing. To put in other words this simply means it allows keeping one price worldwide with no hidden charges.


In the end, we all have different tastes and likings. Therefore, developing a game satisfying every gaming enthusiasts liking is a daunting task.

However, by paying attention towards few overlooked areas one can easily craft online games that are destined to become classic.

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